Guidelines for processing applications under GRASP



    The Graduate Relief Assistance Student Program (GRASP) seeks to assist Citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis who are recent college or university graduates, by providing a loan financing package to refinance a student loan and acquire a home. If possible, graduates may also:

    1. Acquire land;
    2. Purchase a vehicle (not to exceed EC$50,000);
    3. Consolidate debt, excluding student and land loan (value not to exceed 10%).




    The objectives of the program are to:

    1. Provide affordable financing opportunities for recent university/college graduates;
    2. Promote self-empowerment through home/property ownership;
    3. Provide debt financing relief through the consolidation of residential mortgages and student loan, land and vehicle acquisition;
    4. Create employment in the construction and related service industries;
    5. Increase disposable income and ultimately improve the standard of living of beneficiaries; and
    6. Stimulate economic development.


    Maximum Loan Amount


    • Successful applicants may borrow up to EC$500,000.


    Interest Rate


    • The interest is 6%.


    Maximum Loan Term


    • The maximum term is 30 years.


    Terms and Conditions/Eligibility Criteria


    Applicants must:

    1. Be citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.
    2. Have graduated from university/college within the last 4 years.
    3. Have permanent full time employment.
    4. Be a first-time home owner/not have an existing mortgage.
    5. Not use the money to refinance an existing loan except for debt consolidation as stipulated under the program.
    6. Must have a student loan.
    7. Must agree to use the funds to refinance an existing student loan AND construct OR purchase a dwelling house.
    8. Ensure the amount borrowed completes the project purpose requested in its entirety.
    9. Occupy the house.



  I Agree to the terms, conditions and procedures outlined above that govern this process.  
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